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Pfizer’s energy is with AB Energy technology

Pfizer’s energy is with AB Energy technology

The ECOMAX 18 NSG container cogeneration plant installed in the Ascoli Piceno plant meets the strict engineering and energy requirements set by the pharmaceutical multinational and fulfills Pfizer's commitment to the environment.

Awareness of cogeneration's advantages led Pfizer's engineering department to decide to have a plant built at their Ascoli Piceno site, energy production technology capable of fulfilling the growing needs of its production lines and service infrastructures.

AB Group was asked to provide the following: 2.0 MW electrical output, 1,040 kW (9 barg) thermal vectors for hot water and steam, operational 24 hours a day. Maximum attention to the reduction of pollutants and atmospheric emissions was also required, based on a commitment to environmental sustainability pursued by Pfizer as a corporate value and an integral part of their image on the market.

After a strict and meticulous evaluation of several business proposals, Pfizer selected AB Energy as its ideal partner to design, build and service the plant, on the basis of the technical and functional features of the proposed solution, the expected performance and assistance guarantees.

After a detailed needs and feasibility study, AB Energy suggested an 1824 KW ECOMAX 18 NGS container solution as a better alternative to the 2000 KW initially envisioned by Pfizer. The optimal prerogatives of the AB Energy plant, the result of unique experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and particularly with installations of this power range, proved that the ECOMAX 18 NGS plant could provide optimum performance.

AB Energy proposed technological solutions that ensure the best heat recovery, obtaining even higher steam and hot water production results than the projected values.

AB Energy was significantly and remarkably able to meet a very strict delivery deadline of only three months for the plant to be operational.

Relying on the carefully planned and tested organization of its departments, AB Energy developed a detailed work plan. Thanks to this, not only was the strict deadline met but the plant became operational with time to spare. The construction site at Pfizer's Ascoli Piceno plant took less than 60 days to get the job done.

The operational and energy performance of the plant, which has now been working for several months, has fully met the customer's expectations. It is always viewable by plant personnel via a display screen installed at the company cafeteria, which shows in real time the main operating data and the benefits in terms of lower CO2 emissions into the environment.

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