Wednesday 30 March 2016

UK churches to mobilise £1m in clean energy switch

UK churches to mobilise £1m in clean energy switch

More than 400 churches in the country will soon switch to renewable energy suppliers.

The scheme will see more than £1 million shifted to green power, according to charities Christian Aid and Tearfund.

They have jointly launched a campaign called 'The Big Church Switch', which encourages churches to switch energy companies to demonstrate the need for a transition away from fossil fuels.

They are negotiating more than a million pounds worth of energy bills to find the best deal.

The Bishop of Manchester, David Walker said: “Creation is a gift from God and Christians have a divine commission to take care of it.

“By creating technology which can turn wind and sunshine into clean and renewable energy humans continue to benefit from the gift of creation.

"Making the most of this bountiful harvest is a common sense way for us to roll back the ravages of climate change and ensure we are taking an active role in being part of the solution."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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