Wednesday 30 March 2016

PowerHouse 2030: A platform for future energy leaders

PowerHouse 2030: A platform for future energy leaders

A network which gives a voice to young energy professionals hopes to create future leaders of the country.

PowerHouse 2030, which includes 150 young people covering the entire energy industry from suppliers to consultancies, is a platform to discuss their views and develop themselves in the sector.

Oliver James, Senior Associate, Power Utilities Strategy at KPMG said: "We are really hoping this could be a platform for future leaders in the energy industry."

David Adkins, a Project Manager at National Grid added: "The aim is to bring people together, young energy professionals in the industry to meet and know each other and to network and to really develop things.

"We’ve got a couple of outputs that we are going to come through with. It’s going to be thought leadership from us, from the young people in the energy industry, what we believe it is going to look like in the future and then also having events where we meet each other and come together and understand more about the energy industry."

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They added the initiative is supported by the companies they work for as they believe "there is talent" in the sector because "they are the future of the industry".

Mr James added the energy sector is attractive to young women as the ratio between males and females in their group is 50:50.

He said: "We really are a diverse group and really see the benefits of diversity".

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Mr Adkins added: "There is a huge amount of roles throughout the whole energy industry, which are commercial roles, which are looking at how we put contracts together and HR, everything throughout the entire company.

"Engineering still is becoming more and more of an open field for both sexes and more and more women are coming into that. We’ve got more and more apprentices coming through our programmes that are females and that's a fantastic place to be and I think we've now got no barriers to that and hopefully more and more people will come through those channels."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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