Thursday 24 March 2016

$65m support for Madagascar’s power sector

$65m support for Madagascar’s power sector

Madagascar has been granted a $65 million (£46m) loan to improve its electricity sector operations and governance.

Access to power services in the country is “low by any standards”, according to the World Bank, with current access at around 12% to 13%.

Consumption in Madagascar is at 46kWh per capita versus 52kWh per capita in Ethiopia, 92kWh in Tanzania and 105kWh in Congo.

The electricity sector is also said to suffer from high losses and frequent power outages in addition to state-run utility JIRAMA “under operational and financial stress”.

Coralie Gevers, World Bank Country Manager for Madagascar said: “The lack of adequate electricity access in Madagascar constrains the delivery of basic social services. It also makes it difficult to do business, which perversely affects the country’s investment climate.

“The government has committed to work with the public electricity utility JIRAMA so it can fulfil its mission of providing energy efficiently and with higher standards of performance. We are committed to accompanying them on this journey which is only beginning.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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