Friday 5 February 2016

E.ON 302MW offshore wind farm opens in Germany

E.ON 302MW offshore wind farm opens in Germany

An offshore wind far with a total capacity of 302MW has opened in Germany.

The Amrumbank West project is located in the German North Sea, 35 kilometres off Helgoland.

It is expected to generate enough green electricity to supply around 300,000 households and reduce emissions by more than 740,000 metric tonnes per year.

E.ON has invested €1 billion (£0.76bn) in the project.

CEO Johannes Teyssen claims the company will remain committed to renewables, focusing on cutting the cost of green energy generation.

He added: "Every energy has its time and the time for expanding offshore wind is definitely now. Offshore will be needed if we want to achieve the targets of the energy transition.”

At the beginning of the year the firm separated its hydro, natural gas and coal plants as well as global energy trading operations in a separate company named Uniper.

In the UK, E.ON cancelled an onshore wind project with a capacity of 48MW.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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