Wednesday 27 January 2016

Managing your business ‘waste-line’

Managing your business ‘waste-line’

Weighing up how much energy and water your business is using does wonders for your waste and is key to battling any future price bulges.


No one gets healthy without a self-assessment first. You get on the scales, measure your waistline and work out the calories you have to burn to get trim.

It’s the same with energy and water savings. Many businesses want to lose waste and gain £s – they just haven’t stepped on the scales yet.

In research by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) last year, 86% of small firms could see the direct benefits of energy efficiency and 78% believed it was important for saving money.

What they lacked was the information required to be more energy efficient – data that starts with energy health measurements and weigh-ins.


A Utilitywise Utility Health Check empowers businesses to be less wasteful. It does so by helping them to understand the energy and water savings that could be made, so they can lessen the impact on their bills.

There are two parts to it. An Energy Health Check (EHC) assesses your use of energy and water with similar properties in like-for-like organisations. It flags up potential cuts in energy consumption you could make.

A Water Efficiency Report looks at your bills to check for overcharging and compares your business’s actual consumption to what it could be.


The energy check and water audit are available free for one site and one company only, and will show you how your premises are performing against national averages.

Whether your business premises are rated below the national average for energy efficiency or you are doing well and consuming less energy than the average, there are always ways to improve.

With the right data you can make informed choices about controlling your energy use in ways that are realistic for your business.

The energy check and water audit will:

  • Show you where savings can be made
  • Spur your business to make more
  • Drive home the importance of energy savings
  • Highlight potential future savings
  • Show clients you’re serious about cutting waste

The Utility Health Check is the first step in our Utilities Management Plan, which could reduce your energy consumption by 20%.

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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