Saturday 9 January 2016



Deciwatt is a social business based in London that designs and develops off grid, renewable solutions. The team is driven by the desire to tackle energy poverty by developing clean, safe and affordable power. They first caught attention with GravityLight, an award-winning invention which harnessed gravity to power a light – no sun or batteries needed. Their latest innovation, nowlight is a step further, part-light, part power pack which can be charged instantly just by pulling a cord, or via a solar panel, with a much more powerful light and mobile phone charging.

Through a combination of leading battery and solar technology as well as new efficiencies in biomechanics, users are able to generate instant energy on demand, independent of the weather, completely cost-free. nowlight has huge potential for the humanitarian sector, emergencies, power-cuts and ‘off-grid areas world-wide. Deciwatt has first hand experience and understanding of these markets, having demonstrated GravityLight in trials in Kenya and has more recently been approached by the Red Cross about trialling nowlight in in Rwanda.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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