Friday 8 January 2016

UK’s largest battery energy storage completed

UK’s largest battery energy storage completed

A 10MW battery energy storage array has come online in Northern Ireland.

Developer AES UK & Ireland claims it is the largest in the UK.

The Kilroot Power Station, located in northern Belfast, consists of more than 53,000 batteries which will enhance reliability to the grid by balancing supply and demand.

The firm believes energy storage will lower costs to consumers, unlock the value of existing renewables and improve the security of supply

The 10MW array is the first step towards a planned 100MW energy storage array adjacent to Kilroot, which would be among the largest in the world, according to the company.

The 100MW installation is expected to provide £8.5 million in system savings per year and reduce around 123,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Robin McCormick, General Manager of the System Operator Northern Ireland (SONI) said: “Integrating battery storage solutions onto the system is an important development which should bring real benefits to customers across the island. As the transmission system operator, this innovation provides a significant learning opportunity.

"We will assess the role that battery storage will play in the increasingly diverse portfolio of generation sources as we continue to ensure a safe, secure, reliable and cost efficient electricity supply throughout Northern Ireland.”

Plans to develop a new £1 million energy storage facility in the UK were unveiled yesterday.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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