Thursday 5 November 2015

Editorial – EL2015 the biggest ever!

Editorial – EL2015 the biggest ever!

If you are on your way to the Barbican this morning while reading this you are in for a treat.

Energy Live 2015 is going to be our biggest event ever with more speakers, content and delegates than we ever imagined when we ran our first conference back in 2012. ELN has always spoken to the energy end user but over recent years we have seen our audience diversify and grow.

New suppliers, technology companies, academics and most pleasing for me students and young people looking to break into the sector, are now reading ELN.

And this year our conference is hopefully going to have something for all those people and more. I'm delighted as ever we have attracted the biggest names in the sector and I look forward to hearing from Andrea Leadsom the Energy Minister.

[caption id="attachment_109305" align="alignnone" width="575"]EL2015 (l-r) Andrea Leadsom, Alistair Phillips-Davies, Chris Faulkner, Ed Davey and Lord Gus O'Donnell just some of the big names at EL2015[/caption]

The Tories are now in charge for the first time in almost a generation and it is clear the different ideology they have from their coalition partners, is the move away from green subsidies the right thing in this economic climate? I'm sure it's one of the issues we will discuss.

We have the boss of SSE Alistair Phillips-Davies speaking on a panel. The Big Six have had an odd year in some ways, accused of ripping customers off but cleared of colluding in a price cartel and with prices relatively stable, customer service is now paramount.

For the third year Chris Faulkner, the world's leading fracker is coming to speak about the US shale revolution. Last year he took on an environmental campaigner, this year he will speak to an audience of students as we launch our Energy Live University along with Energy UK's Young Energy Professional network.

[caption id="attachment_109316" align="alignnone" width="575"]Meet the young generation at our Energy Live Uni!! Meet the young generation at our Energy Live Uni!![/caption]

My team at ELN are all bright young things and I know the one thing the energy sector needs is energy! Young people are full of it and their skills and drive will be essential as we rebuild our infrastructure and so we've launched a conference within a conference and the Uni will have lots of content for those starting their energy careers.

Come and have a look and meet the next generation!

As ever for the end user there is learning, content and networking. We've got case studies from your peers, a chance to drive an EV and 20 separate seminar streams for you. The 'slient disco' format will be back so you can listen in to the sessions that matter to you without any sound distractions. And most importantly ask questions!

[caption id="attachment_109309" align="alignnone" width="575"]Silent disco is back for our seminar zones Silent disco is back for our seminar zones[/caption]

In our fringe I am delighted to have former Cabinet Secretary Lord Gus O'Donnell speaking about something that is of global importance, the commitment to science and development of green energy. If you get a chance listen in and to end the day over a drink, a no holds barred chat with ex Energy Secretary Ed Davey - that's one not to miss.

So we have scientists, academics, fuel poverty campaigners, suppliers, end users, students, brokers, consultancies and distributors.

No wonder we say it's the energy conference that matters.

Finally my thanks to our sponsors without whom we could never put on the event in the first place and all our speakers, who give up time in their very busy lives to bring the conference to life.

I really hope you enjoy your day, tweet #EL2015 follow @energyliveconf and if you can't make it, make sure you read ELN over the next few days to see what you missed!

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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