Monday 19 October 2015

Guest Blog: Jaz Rabadia – This is #MyDayInEnergy – What’s yours?

Guest Blog: Jaz Rabadia – This is #MyDayInEnergy – What’s yours?

I’m on a mission – will you help?

For those that follow me, you’ll know I’m keen to promote the energy industry as a career choice for students, graduates and career changers alike. I’m on a mission to share with the wider public where our energy careers take us on a day to day basis – and I need your help!

The sector is so varied and full to brim of opportunities, to learn, to grow but most importantly to make a difference. Whether its oil & gas, renewables, energy efficiency, marketing, sales, IT or customer service roles that you are after, the sector has something for everyone.

Most of us fell into the industry by accident and have never looked back but I want the energy leaders of tomorrow to join it on purpose with a purpose.

As members of this growing industry, we are surely the best ambassadors for it so why aren’t we shouting about how great it is from the solar paneled rooftops?!

I’m hoping together we can help dispel the myths of what it means to work in energy; show people that our jobs make a positive difference to society and take us to exciting places.

So here’s how you can help...

Anyone who’s on social media – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook, please post photos, articles and videos of what your day in energy looks like using the #MyDayInEnergy hashtag. Let’s show them how creative and charismatic we are (even it is self-proclaimed)!

For those of you not on any form of social media - this is as good a reason as any to finally join the band wagon… by directing people to this hashtag, not only will others learn and draw inspiration from what we do, I think even those already in the industry will discover what other opportunities are out there.

I’m counting on your support…. And look forward to seeing this hashtag trending!

Jaz Rabadia is the Senior Manager of Energy & Initiatives at Starbucks EMEA.

ELN is hosting 'Energy Live University' at the #EL2015 conference in London on 5th November, where young people already in the sector or students looking for a career can come along and speak to some leading industry names.

If you would like a discounted ticket and can prove you are a student, e-mail your name, course title and the university you are attending to

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Bruna Pinhoni

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