Thursday 15 October 2015

UK needs coal ‘to keep energy bills down’

UK needs coal ‘to keep energy bills down’

Coal "still has a major role to play” in reducing household energy bills.

That’s the view of CoalImp, the trade body for UK coal importers, which believes coal’s role in keeping the lights on and bills down is “increasingly overlooked”.

It claims the security and affordability of power supply are being threatened by the premature closure of coal-fired power stations.

Earlier this year the closure of Longannet and Eggborough power stations were announced.

CoalImp believes there is “no credible solution” to climate change that does not include coal and the UK needs to "act fast" in developing new technologies.

Nigel Yaxley, Managing Director of CoalImp said: “Climate change is a global phenomenon and requires a co-ordinated global approach. Coal can be part of the solution through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). If the UK acts fast, it can still be a leading developer of this technology, creating genuine economic and environmental benefits at home and abroad.

“CoalImp believes that a managed transition to meeting carbon targets over the coming two decades is essential whilst keeping bills down and maintaining security. With the capacity margin for the coming winters so precarious, policy makers must act quickly and responsibly to secure the UK’s sustainable energy future.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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