Friday 9 October 2015

Norwegian gas flows to UK up – DMR

Norwegian gas flows to UK up – DMR

Gas flows from Norway via the Langeled pipeline have increased today, according to npower’s daily market report.

It is currently flowing at 63mcm while exports to the Continent are lower at 21mcm, “further adding to the system comfort”.

Demand continues to be supported by the “healthy levels” of gas-fired generation as well as the “below average temperatures which are set to continue next week”, Alex Guiot from the Optimisation Desk said.

LNG output remains steady from both Dragon and South Hook terminals at 42mcm in total.

“We have one more confirmed tanker for the UK due to arrive at South Hook on 14th October with a couple of other tankers likely to be on route to the UK as well”, Mr Guiot added.

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On the power system, wind generation “continues to be subdued” at just 2% of the stack currently (750MW).

Coal generation has picked up to help cover the shortfall, with CCGT generation continuing to dominate the stack.

Planned maintenance on the French interconnector continues “which is keeping imports at half capacity for the time being” while the Dutch interconnector is flowing at full capacity to the UK.

Mr Guiot went on: “On the currency side of things the pound has come under pressure this morning following some positive French industrial production data released. This has seen £1 now worth €1.3588. This combined with the continued strength of oil has seen gas markets open a touch higher although activity has been slow this morning with the power markets looking set to follow suit.”

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Bruna Pinhoni

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