Tuesday 6 October 2015

Migrants ‘important for UK energy sector’

Migrants ‘important for UK energy sector’

Cutting visas for migrants could be negative for the energy sector in the UK.

That's the findings of a survey from law firm Kingsley Napley, which asked businesses from the oil and gas sector as well as engineering and other supply firms, how the reduction of Tier 2 visas would affect them.

The report stated 75% of the companies said a restriction of the migration scheme would "highly" or "severely" impact their business.

The Tier 2 migrant visa is given to a person who has been offered a job in the UK and doesn’t come from the European Economic Area. The Migration Authority Committee (MAC) is considering to restrict this kind of visa to highly specialised or shortage occupations.

Some in the oil and gas industry have called for the sector to be treated as special case and exempt from any limit on this kind of visa.

Nick Rollason, head of immigration at Kingsley Napley said: "Many businesses in the UK operate in a global arena for talent and for their clients. International mobility is critical for them at both a high flyer director and more junior staff level.

"Restricting the Tier 2 scheme will hinder firms' ability to carry out client work and expand in the UK, so adversely affecting the UK economy in terms of lost tax revenue and job creation for resident workers."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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