Sunday 23 August 2015

£6m tidal gauge to improve UK flood forecasting

£6m tidal gauge to improve UK flood forecasting

A new tidal gauge worth £6 million has been installed in Lincolnshire to help improve flood forecasting.

The Environment Agency said it will use the offshore technology to measure tides, predict flooding and assess the impact of climate change more accurately.

It has meteorological equipment that will measure wind speed and direction as well as pressure and temperature.

It can also measure water quality and salinity.

It is part of a national network of 44 gauges across the country's coast.

The project, located in The Wash, was funded through Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) flood defence Grant In Aid scheme.

Claire Rose, flood and coastal risk management team leader at the Environment Agency said: "This new gauge has a practical benefit for local communities as the information it gathers on sea levels will help us predict tidal surges and therefore improve our flood warning service.

"It’s a nationally important project too as it fills in the last gap in the UK’s monitoring network to give us the best picture of tidal conditions across the country. The gauge will prove invaluable throughout its 60-year lifetime by transmitting other important scientific data to a range of partner organisations."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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