Wednesday 12 August 2015

EDF Energy workers’ strike suspended

EDF Energy workers’ strike suspended

A strike action planned by EDF Energy workers today has been postponed.

The suspended protest is in a dispute over pay cuts, job losses and extended working hours to install smart meters.

Onay Kasab, Regional Officer at Unite the Union told ELN: “We've got members which are due to lose more than £6,000 a year, at the same time they're being told they have to work longer, work weekends and longer into the evening.

"We've also got members facing job losses, so in the face of all of that and also the employer refusing to abide by agreements it made with us, our members have voted to take strike action."

He added there will be negotiations tomorrow.

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EDF Energy was unavailable for an interview but said in a statement: “We are consulting with four trade unions over a number of proposed changes to operations within our metering division.

“Existing employees will not be asked to work hours outside of those stated in their contracts. We will also not be asking employees to work more hours per week.”

It added some “financial allowances for our employees are no longer applicable” but it said it believed its “current proposals are fair, competitive and consistent”.

It went on to say “a meeting will be held at the earliest opportunity” following the suspension.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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