Tuesday 11 August 2015

Scottish ‘trackers’ released to measure climate change

Scottish ‘trackers’ released to measure climate change

Devices which track ocean currents have been released off the West of Shetland to measure the effects of climate change.

The seven ocean "drifters", which were released in May, are part of a Marine Scotland Science research project.

They are equipped with satellite trackers which provide hourly positions and allow scientists to study the currents in detail.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Shetland, Environment Minister Aileen McLeod said: "With developments in technology, these drifters now play an important role in discovering the secrets of the seas and helping us to understand our environment and the effects of climate change."

Dr Bee Berx from Marine Scotland Science said: “Our next challenge is to interpret these results, to improve our understanding of circulation in the region and to incorporate this new knowledge in our advice."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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