Tuesday 28 July 2015

Editorial: Spokes, sweat, saddles and fat blokes expending energy for charity

Editorial: Spokes, sweat, saddles and fat blokes expending energy for charity

Well the training is done and the time has come for our wobbly guts to be crammed into lycra.

If you haven't vomitted and are still reading, you'll know this is all in a good cause. Geoff and I along with some friends from the energy sector will be biking 100 miles on Sunday, as we take part in the Ride London race.

We've already spent weeks pounding the hills around the south east. There have been punctures galore, chains slipping off, sweat and the consuming of many lardy treats. Funny how we seem to burn thousands of calories on rides and yet our guts are still resplendent, perhaps our post work out meals shouldn't be chips and kebabs, alas we are but human.

[caption id="attachment_101209" align="alignnone" width="575"]Geoff and I breathing in as we pose! Geoff and I breathing in as we pose![/caption]


We are as you know raising money for both Parkinson's UK and our own campaign to help rebuild Nepal's infrastructure. Thanks to our sponsors, who have their names emblazoned on our very fetching jerseys, for all their support.

But we do need to get a bit more cash into the coffers for our Nepal campaign. So if you could give anything we would be most grateful.

Are we ready? Well having done it before I can say I know what lies ahead and somehow the second time around doesn't make it easier. It will certainly be a challenge but we are riding as part of a team and so we will help each other around the course.

More importantly our annual 'Power Ride' is designed to show that the sector, often criticised as greedy and full of profit driven corporations, actually has a lot of decent people working in it.

As such, it is a sector that shouldn't shy away from saying the positive impact it has on society. Our Power Ride is simply one small way in celebrating the good energy does.

If you are about on Sunday come and cheer us along, you'll see us in the white ELN jerseys along the route. Wish us luck as we will need it!

Many thanks to this year's Power Ride sponsors:

  • BIU
  • British Gas Business
  • CNG
  • Crown Gas & Power
  • EY
  • GDF SUEZ Energy UK
  • Haven Power
  • Inenco
  • Love Energy Savings
  • Muswell Hill Bikes
  • Open Energi
  • SSE
  • The Co-operative
  • The Energy Brokers Ltd
  • Total

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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