Tuesday 30 June 2015

UK should ‘extend green funding to meet 2050 emissions targets’

UK should ‘extend green funding to meet 2050 emissions targets’

The UK should extend funding for low carbon electricity generation to 2025 in order to meet its emissions targets.

That's according to the latest report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

It suggests the government should do this by helping support investment and innovation which will cut costs.

The paper reports the UK's progress its emissions reduction targets under the the Climate Change Act.

The 2050 target commits to reducing emissions by at least 80% from 1990 levels.

The committee is advising the government to agree on an action plan which delivers low carbon heat and energy efficiency.

This will allow homes to be heated for less while addressing the risks from rising temperatures and flooding.

It also suggests continuing support for efficient, low emission vehicles to save drivers' money and developing new infrastructure which helps to combat climate change and is resilient to its impacts.

The committee goes on to say the UK should also act to preserve the fertility and organic content of soils and counter the decline in productive farmland.

Lord Deben, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, said: “This government has a unique opportunity to shape climate policy through the 2020s.

"It must act now to set out how it plans to keep the UK on track. Acting early will help to reduce costs to households, business and the Exchequer.

"It will improve people’s health and well-being and create opportunities for business in manufacturing and in the service sector.”

DECC said it is "committed" to meeting the nation's climate change target.

A spokesperson added: "We have already made great strides to that goal, with emissions down 30% since 1990.

“There’s still much work to do and we will continue to power our move to a low carbon economy at best value to consumers.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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