Monday 29 June 2015

Sam Bird: Formula E will drive electric car innovation

Sam Bird: Formula E will drive electric car innovation

The all-electric car championship will help drive innovation in the sector.

That’s the view of Sam Bird, one of the Formula E competitors, who won the home race in London yesterday after a time penalty was given to France’s Stephane Sarrazin for exceeding his energy allowance.

London-born Virgin Racing driver Bird left the crowd cheering as he stepped on the podium in Battersea Park.

He said electric car innovation could be compared to the progress of smartphones.

Mr Bird told ELN: “It’s the same with Formula E, we’ll be able to look back in five, six years’ times and the cars will be much quicker, we’ll be able to generate a lot more energy. We’ll be able to go a lot further and a lot quicker so this is just the beginning.

“We’re only going to improve with the technology and that technology will hopefully go into road car production and we’ll see an increase in electric motors on the road.”

The head of Formula E added the ultimate aim of the race was to make motorsport “relevant” and have a positive impact in society.

Alejandro Agag told ELN: “We think changing the perception can be a positive contribution for the future of the cities - through more electric cars - and of the planet.”

The overall Formula E crown was taken by Brazilian Nelson Piquet Jr after the two-day race in the capital following 10 months of racing across the globe.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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