Thursday 18 June 2015

‘Brits trust suppliers on data security than energy use advice’

‘Brits trust suppliers on data security than energy use advice’

A majority of consumers (67%) trust their energy supplier to protect their personal data than to advise them on their energy usage.

That's the result of a survey of more than 600 people across the nation.

British consultancy Accenture said only 20% of consumers trust their supplier to inform them about actions they can take to optimise their energy use.

It also revealed consumers are becoming “increasingly conscious” about their energy consumption and 54% would be interested in products and services to help them save electricity.

On the other hand, four in 10 consumers believe their company is not effective in helping them manage their energy consumption, it stated.

Oscar van den Berg, Managing Director of Accenture Energy Consumer Services in the UK & Ireland said: “As energy and everyday devices become increasingly connected, an unprecedented amount of personal information about consumers’ habits and their households is becoming available, magnifying the importance of digital trust.

“In competitive markets, like the UK, energy providers can create new revenue streams by offering digital solutions for home-related products and services, such as solar and other home-energy generation platforms, energy-efficiency tools, or even bundled home services."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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