Thursday 21 May 2015

News company saves £1.4m in energy costs

News company saves £1.4m in energy costs

News UK saved £1.4 million in energy costs in the last two years.

The company also cut more than 41,000 tonnes of carbon emissions since 2008.

Last year it was awarded the Carbon, Water and Waste certification by the Carbon Trust for cutting emissions by 20% since 2012.

Lugano Kapembwa, Energy and Environment Manager at News UK said: "We collected data over a two-year period and understood our productivity and looked up whether our consumption was going up or down. The key was to understand which parts of our printing process were using more energy.

"We also made changes in our logistics and guided the staff into recycling and reducing water use."

Lazar Armianov, Carbon Trust Senior Client Manager said businesses have to prove a reduction of 2.5% per year to be certified.

They also have to show they are measuring energy and water consumption and explain how they manage them.

The levels of carbon emissions are calculated from the energy data provided by the companies, said Mr Armianov.

Around 1,200 companies have been verified since 2008 across the world.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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