Wednesday 20 May 2015

£25m sea ‘kite’ energy project launched in Wales

£25m sea ‘kite’ energy project launched in Wales

A £25 million tidal energy project which works by moving "kites" underwater is being launched in Wales.

The so-called "Deep Green" technology will be installed in Holyhead Deep and will have a capacity of 0.5MW.

More kites will be added to reach a total capacity of 10MW by 2019 – the equivalent of supplying electricity to 8,000 households.

The project, by marine energy firm Minesto, said the speed will be ten times higher than the tidal current and give 1,000 times more power.

Minesto has secured £9.5 million of EU funding and will create 30 jobs. The rest of the money will be privately raised.

The company said Wales has 1,200km of coastline with low speed tidal currents, with the potential to supply more than 5% of the UK’s total electricity demand.

According to a report commissioned by the Welsh Government, marine energy could boost the Welsh economy by up to £840 million a year after 1GW has been deployed.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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