Tuesday 19 May 2015

Improving quality ‘could make small biomass systems cheaper’

Improving quality ‘could make small biomass systems cheaper’

The cost of small biomass technologies could be reduced by improving their quality.

That’s according to Bruno Prior, Managing Director at pellet supplier Forever Fuels.

He told ELN: “Small biomass systems have no economic case at the moment.”

He said one of the few ways of restoring their economic credibility is to "improve the costs and one of the main ways of reducing the costs is to improve the quality”.

Mr Prior added: “As fuel suppliers we have to reflect all the problems we encounter with small systems in our prices.

“So the price for small deliveries to small customers is a magnitude higher than large deliveries to large customers.”

He said more subsidy is needed as a result "but the government doesn't want to pay more".

If the quality improves “we can go to the government and say ‘look, we can do small systems cheaply’ and the government will hopefully encourage it".

Mr Prior was speaking at a biomass event yesterday where another industry expert said "a lack of knowledge is being reflected in poor quality insulations".

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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