Thursday 14 May 2015

Internet firms’ eco-net ambitions under threat – Greenpeace

Internet firms’ eco-net ambitions under threat – Greenpeace

Internet companies want a renewable-powered internet but their green ambitions are being blocked by the utility sector.

That's the view of a Greenpeace report which says the rapid growth in the digital world is being powered by what it calls ‘dirty energy'.

Gary Cook, Senior IT Analyst for Greenpeace USA said: “Tech companies are increasingly turning to the smart choice of renewable energy to power the internet. But they're hitting a wall of stubborn monopoly power companies that refuse to switch to 21st century sources of energy.

“Internet companies need to work together to push utilities and policymakers to provide them with 100% renewable energy and avoid the creation of a dirty internet.”

The report, 'Clicking Clean: A Guide to Building the Green Internet,' found Apple had maintained its claim of a 100% renewable-powered cloud for another year. This was followed by Yahoo, Facebook and Google with 73%, 49% and 46% clean energy respectively.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become greener by powering all its operations with just renewable energy. But the lack of clearness about its energy use is a concern for customers, the paper claimed.

The energy use of digital infrastructure has increase through the growth of streaming video services like Youtube, Netflix and Hulu, it states.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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