Monday 16 February 2015

More CCS investment needed, says World Coal Association

More CCS investment needed, says World Coal Association

The World Coal Association (WCA) is calling for more investment in cleaner coal technologies.

Technologies such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and high-efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal plants could make a "significant" contribution to cutting emissions and helping meet global energy demand.

Increasing the average efficiency of coal-fired power stations globally from the current level of 33% to 40% can be done with technology that is currently available, according to the WCA. It claims this could save around two gigatonnes of CO2 annually – roughly equivalent to India’s total annual emissions.

Benjamin Sporton, WCA’s Acting Chief Executive said: “It is essential that responsible investors actively engage with the coal industry. All low emission technologies are needed to meet climate targets.

“We cannot meet our energy needs, tackle energy poverty and reduce global emissions without utilising all options available to us, including low emissions coal.”

A new report by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) said investing in CCS is crucial to meeting the UK’s 2050 targets.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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