Monday 16 February 2015

Cold economy could boost thousands of jobs in UK

Cold economy could boost thousands of jobs in UK

Developing cooling technologies in the UK could create 10,000 jobs by 2025, a new report suggests.

The Emerging Cold Economy report by The Carbon Trust claims the UK could become a leader in the "cold economy" because it already has in place a number of low carbon cold technologies and “world-class” capabilities in cryogenics, engineering and manufacturing.

Cooling products use 14% of UK electricity and the combined cost of electric and transport cooling is more than £5 billion per year.

Cold technologies support many parts of modern day life, from air conditioning and cooling medicine to the ‘cold chain’ of refrigerated warehouses.

A growing hub of research already taking place in the Midlands by universities such as Birmingham University and other research organisations puts the UK in a good position said the report.

The report also suggested Government and industry should make a “strategic decision” to take advantage of these favourable conditions to make the UK a leader in the industry.

David Sanders, Director, Innovation at the Carbon Trust, said: “Turning the Cold Economy from an idea into reality will depend on joined-up thinking and collaboration by industry, academia and government to develop, test and deploy novel solutions.

"With Britain’s rich history of innovation and engineering, we have a real opportunity to lead the way in low carbon cold technologies and drive innovative solutions from the lab to the market.”


Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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