Tuesday 27 January 2015

Coal prices slightly higher today – DMR

Coal prices slightly higher today – DMR


Coal prices have bumped up slightly higher today according to the daily market report.

Tim Carter, Client Portfolio Manager on the Optimisation Desk at npower said: “Coal price has picked up from yesterday with prices now at $58.25 per tonne. That’s a premium of 70 cents on the same time yesterday, this is a adding a hint of support to the curve this morning.”

The gas system is slightly long with healthy supply and moderate demand the analyst added.

The current forecast suggest the system is six million cubic metres long he said.

Mr Carter said: “February '15 gas prices are pretty flat with the close at just 45 pence per therm, while the summer '15 contractors are a touch more bullish trading at 0.15 pence per therm, up at last night's close at 42 pence per therm. But this doesn’t seem to be a move of too much significance.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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