Monday 26 January 2015

Frack off, we’re not for shale say protestors

Frack off, we’re not for shale say protestors

Crowds of anti-frackers gathered outside the houses of parliament earlier today in a protest against a new bill which could allow fracking in the UK.

MPs will vote in the Commons this afternoon on parts of the Infrastructure Bill.

Anti-fracking activists fear the bill contains clauses that will allow not only drilling underground but also dumping toxic and radioactive substances in the shale afterwards, if it is not amended.

Protestors held up slogans saying ‘not for shale’ and ‘bin the bill’ in an effort to sway MPs against fracking for shale gas.

Ali Abbas a protestor from Manchester said: “This is a chance for MPs to say no to fracking.

“There are lots of risks of health issues and pollution, it’s also terrible for climate change too, so as far as we’re concerned, fracking should be banned and MPs have a chance to do that today which is why we are all here.”

Some like Vanessa Vine, the activist who founded Frack Free Sussex & BIFF! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free), are afraid that even a ban won't be enough.

She told ELN: “If we get a moratorium on fracking it still will not be enough because there will be a risk that they will come back and say that they have a robust regulatory regime.”

A group of MPs said today that fracking should be put on hold in Britain. However the industry says proper safeguards are already in place and there is no need for a ban.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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