Tuesday 6 January 2015

Smart meters? “They’ll help suppliers more than me”

Smart meters? “They’ll help suppliers more than me”

More people think smart meters will benefit suppliers than think they will help themselves, suggests a recent poll.

The study of UK consumers by YouGov found more than a third (37%) is convinced smart metering will benefit energy suppliers the most, while just 28% thinks it will benefit the consumer.

One in three (27%) think their supplier’s poor track record on billing, customer service and delays in problem fixing aren’t a good omen for the smart meter rollout’s success.

New suppliers are seen in a better light though, with 41% of respondents agreeing new suppliers keen to prove their worth which are not held back by old technologies could provide a better service.

Angus Panton, Director of Power and Communications at software testing firm SQS which commissioned the poll said: “There is widespread cynicism about the viability of big IT projects and 62% doubt smart metering will happen in the shifting timeframes.”

It’s not all doom and gloom though: “Despite the cynicism, there is an overall customer desire for the advantages and benefits smart meters will deliver.”

There is a glimmer of optimism, with half (52%) ready to welcome services, tariffs and offers related to how they actually use energy.

A similar amount of people are keen on accurate billing they can trust (48%) and a clear understanding of what uses up most and least energy (44%).

The online survey of 2,058 adults was carried out on two days in November 2014.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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