Monday 5 January 2015

Join the (electric) bamboo bicycle club

Join the (electric) bamboo bicycle club

Who's in for the next bamboo bicycle club? Topping up your mobile phone with a bit of bamboo power while cycling to work could be the future.

Inventors at Bambootec consortium in Yucatan, a state in the south of Mexico, have created a bike made from bamboo that can generate electricity.

When the cyclist pedals, kinetic energy is created, captured and then transferred into electricity via a converter that starts on the rim of the bike.

The main component is located under the seat which regulates the amount of voltage generated and stops any discharges of electricity occurring, for example if pedalling is too fast or even stops.

The energy is transmitted through three cables with USB ports on the end. One is connected to a navigation screen, another to charge your phone and a third to charge your phones battery if needed.

Could a bike get any greener?


Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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