Monday 5 January 2015

Irish wind farm closes after turbine crashes over

Irish wind farm closes after turbine crashes over

A wind farm in Northern Ireland is closed temporarily after a £2 million turbine crashed to the ground.

Dramatic pictures apparently taken at the Screggagh wind farm showed the turbine’s shaft torn open.

It tipped over on Friday night (2 January 2015) after engineers spotted the blades were turning “too fast” via their remote sensors but could do nothing about it, ELN understands.

Local residents are reported to have heard a loud bang, some describing it as sounding like a bomb.

It is unclear why the turbine crashed over, with medium wind speeds recorded at the time. Its maker Nordex which also looks after its day-to-day operation is now investigating.

Doreen Walker, Director of DW Consulting which owns the farm said: “We are however satisfied that the site’s precautionary health and safety alert processes worked well with local emergency services in attendance within minutes of the incident taking place… There were fortunately no injuries and no personnel on site at the time.”

She added: “All of the debris from the collapsed wind turbine was contained within the windfarm site. No debris went on to the public road or neighbouring/adjoining land holdings.”

There are 300 of the same turbines, the 80-metre Nordex N80/2500, currently working around the world, according to Nordex, while more than 3,000 of the same "family" of turbines are in place.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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