Monday 24 November 2014

New Scottish body to make waves in energy

New Scottish body to make waves in energy

A new technology development body to boost innovation in the wave energy industry is to be set up in Scotland.

Called ‘Wave Energy Scotland’, it aims to bring together the best engineers and academics to collaborate in a research and development programme.

The development of wave energy has been hampered by the uncertainty facing the energy sector, “following the lengthy and delayed changes to the electricity market resulting from the UK Government’s Electricity Market Reform” process, the Scottish Government said.

Scotland’s Energy Minister Fergus Ewing added: “We want to encourage further innovation in wave energy development and we recognise the need for a bold new approach to supporting this emerging technology.

“With Wave Energy Scotland, we are proposing a fresh and collaborative way to accelerate wave technology development. The best minds in industry and academia will work together to develop technologies that can be commercialised by the private sector.”

Earlier this year a report reduced projections for tidal and wave power installations, claiming the development of marine energy technologies is taking longer than hoped and costing more than expected.


Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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