Monday 17 November 2014

Hull wind turbine hub changes revealed

Hull wind turbine hub changes revealed

Siemens has altered plans for its new offshore wind turbine hub in Hull to bring blade production onto a single site.

The revised plan will allow the blade plant to sit alongside the wind turbine assembly and servicing facilities being developed at Alexandra Dock.

That’s expected to boost production – from 450 blades to 600 blades a year, the engineering giant said.

The factory was previously due to be built in nearby Paull because of the size of the building needed to provide, transport and store the blades, which are at least 75 metres long. But a recent redesign means the factory can now sit on a 15% smaller footprint.

Finbarr Dowling, Siemens Project Director said: “This will lead to a reduction in the cost base of offshore wind and ensure that the industry and in particular our new world class plant in Hull will be competitive into the future.”

The company however insisted its £310 million investment and commitment to create 1,000 direct jobs remain unchanged.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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