Wednesday 19 February 2014

Brits suffer from ‘split personality’ in energy saving behaviour

Brits suffer from ‘split personality’ in energy saving behaviour

Consumer behaviour towards saving energy varies hugely when at work in comparison to when they’re at home, new research reveals.

It claims that while nearly half of those surveyed are conscious of their energy use at home, only 20% would say the same about their behaviour in the workplace.

Similarly, 70% said they were concerned about wasting energy at home but only 43% took the same concern into the office, according to OnePoll and Rexel.

The survey also found 60% of employees “actively charge” their personal devices at work instead of using energy at home, with 32% admitting to charging them daily and 36% charging multiple devices.

And while the majority of Brits (93%) claim to switch off the lights when leaving an empty room at home, only 60% do the same at work.

Brian Smithers, Strategic Development Director for Rexel Northern European Zone said: “The continued rise in household energy bills in the UK and the heated global energy security debate has increased consumer concerns and consciousness of their energy consumption.

"Despite this heightened awareness there is a noticeable ‘split personality’ in energy usage behaviour. Our research shows that people are wasting energy and in some cases actively adapting their energy behavior to avoid the rising costs of energy at home.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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