Tuesday 18 February 2014

20% of products ‘don’t match energy efficiency claims’

20% of products ‘don’t match energy efficiency claims’

One in five energy-using products such as fridges, washing machines, televisions and laptops claim to be more energy efficient than they actually are, new research claims.

The Energy Saving Trust is launching a three-year programme to carry out over 300 inspections in shops and 300 in online stores and conduct lab tests to verify the energy saving claims made by manufacturers.

It will check to see if the products are properly labelled as it believes some manufacturers are misleading customers.

Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive at the Energy Saving Trust said: “Consumers are wising up to the monetary savings of using the best and most efficient products – they’re trying to do the right thing but need to be rewarded properly through the saving stated being realised.

“That’s why we aim to be the eyes and ears for UK consumers to ensure energy efficiency claims by product manufacturers are true and will save them money on their energy bills. We need to address the fact that consumers across Europe are not maximising the energy saving benefits stated by millions of products.”

The project is supported by 15 other partners across 11 EU member states the European Commission.

The Energy Saving Trust suggests the UK could save nearly £1.3 billion a year on electricity bills by switching to more energy efficient products, including fridges, tumble dryers and washing machines.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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