Sunday 16 February 2014

Blog: Light up your loved one’s life

Blog: Light up your loved one’s life

I hate Valentine’s Day.

I don’t like celebrating it because I dislike the fact that someone had to set a specific date for one to show their love or give presents to their loved ones.

It’s all a money-making scheme! Look at the ‘Valentine’s Special’ menu in a restaurant and they’ve hiked all the prices!

But what’s the “energy aspect” in all of this you ask? And what’s my point? Especially now that it’s all over…

Well, my point is this revelation - I received an e-mail the other week about buying a gift this Valentine’s for that special someone.

And it was… drum rolls please… lights!

Yes, that light (bulb) you need when it’s dark – a spotlight (even remote-controlled!), head lamp, underwater LED light, tactical LED flashlight and even a “replacement bulb for her vanity”!

‘Are you serious?’ was my initial reaction! But it does have its benefits… or does it?

Well, you know when your partner is slapping her makeup on, she needs the best lighting there is possible… the closest to what it would look like when she steps out in the sun?

Well here you have it! And lads, it will also save you some cash too!

The bulbs produce “less heat, use less energy and put out more light than your typical globe lights”.

And there’s more!

“The colour temp is more realistic, so their makeup and hair will be more like what it will really look like under the sun. It is also easier on their eyes, for long periods of time behind the mirror dazzling herself in preparation for the romantic nights”.

WOW! I want one! I definitely want to know what I’d look like when I step out of my house with my eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, lipstick, etc.

Or not.

It’s not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s.

Which brings me to my other point. You don’t need a Valentine’s Day to buy your loved one a present to light up their life...

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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