Saturday 15 February 2014

Smarter customer service will make the difference…

Smarter customer service will make the difference…

The only differentiator for energy suppliers during the smart meter installations will be the level of customer service they provide.

That’s according to Doug McCullen, Sales Director at TOA Technologies, which provides a mobile workforce management and scheduling solution for power providers during the smart meter rollout.

He believes companies such as TOA Technologies can help with providing that good customer experience.

Mr McCullen told ELN: “There is enough scepticism in the market about what value the smart meter will bring… but I think also there is a whole aspect of ensuring the successful installation and people typically don’t wait at home for something that they don’t understand the value of or they might not see an immediate return.

“So we help ensure successful appointment between the service provider and the home customer by bringing them together in terms of communicating the appointment status and when an engineer will arrive to the house with about 98% accuracy in a one-hour wait window.

He added: “Even if the installation appointment is successful then the energy retailer still has a competitive situation so prices always on everybody’s mind is very high in terms of their reasons for switching so one of the only differentiator an energy provider can offer will end up being customer service… So ensuring that successful appointment, making sure you build customer loyalty through that is essential.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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