Saturday 15 February 2014

Can you define a smart meter?

Can you define a smart meter?

A smart meter is “quite a difficult term” to explain and consumers need to be aware of what it is and the benefits it brings.

Paul Nickson, Commercial Director - Smart Metering at British Gas told ELN the message needs to be spread and people must be aware of it ahead of the official roll-out next year.

The Government aims to install around 53 million smart meters in 27 million homes across the UK by the end of the decade.

The technology is expected to give consumers more control over how much energy they use by providing accurate and timely information on domestic energy consumption. They will help people make more informed decisions to reduce their energy bills.

Mr Nickson said: “I think smart meter is quite a difficult term because we use smart in every aspect of our lives - smart phones, smart tablets, etc. – so I think the first thing is making sure the customers really understand what a smart meter is versus clamps that people put on their electricity supply and things like that.

"Then I think it’s about making sure that you use a wide range of media to get your message out to customers, you don’t rely just on direct mail which has quite a low response rate but you’re thinking about how social media plays a part, how the full suite of digital and above the line the channels will all help to raise that awareness.”

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Bruna Pinhoni

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