Thursday 13 February 2014

Smart home an ‘investment opportunity’ for consumers

Smart home an ‘investment opportunity’ for consumers

Making homes smart will be an “investment opportunity” for consumers as it will be more than just about installing a smart meter.

Talking to ELN about why smart homes are crucial, Dr Philip E. Lewis, Founder and CEO of VaasaETT, a global energy think tank believes energy efficiency will be one of the main benefits.

Mr Lewis added: “Convenience, potentially security and also some of those other environmental issues that the customers are concerned about. But going forward it will become much more of an investment opportunity for customers.

“They will be able to sell much more energy than they are now and it will be part of a bigger picture of convenience in the home with the way they charge electric vehicles, the way they can store energy, the way they can use the energy they produce themselves because they’re able to be more efficient with the way their home uses it.

"So going forward the benefits for the consumers will be growing all the time. At the moment we just have a small slice of that.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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