Thursday 13 February 2014

Get involved in smart meter rollout early, says British Gas

Get involved in smart meter rollout early, says British Gas

Power provider British Gas believes other suppliers should “get involved early” in rolling out smart meters across the UK.

The Big Six company has already installed smart meters in around 1.3 million homes and businesses, which has helped the firm learn more about the new technology ahead of the Government’s official rollout starting next year.

Paul Nickson, Commercial Director - Smart Metering told ELN: “I really think the biggest one is to get involved early and make sure that you’re doing plenty of trialling to make sure that as the enduring phase of the programme kicks in next year that you have a scalable solution that’s going to work. We’ve learnt a lot of lessons along the way about how to make sure the customers are in at the property and that’s really linked back to their engagement and their understanding of what it will bring for them but also how to plan a workforce.”

He added: “We’ve been able to use that time to get a lot of knowledge about what’s important to customers and really what we’re finding is that with rising energy prices at the moment, customers are worried about their energy consumption. So smart meters is a way of putting customers back in control of their energy consumption.”

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Bruna Pinhoni

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