Friday 7 February 2014

Canadian port offers rewards to green shippers

Canadian port offers rewards to green shippers

A Canadian port is giving shippers discounts to dock if they have cut emissions or brought in other ‘green’ practices.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority launched its Green Wave incentive last month offering reduced harbour dues to vessels which use fuel containing less sulphur, use more energy efficient technology and take part in marine sustainability schemes.

It’s an update of a programme it started last year and now ships can qualify for one of three tier levels above a basic rate based on their environmental performance.

Don Krusel, President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority said: "By increasing the scope of our environmental incentive programme, we've included more qualification standards for arriving vessels that are consistent across the global shipping industry.

"We're proud to be accelerating the industry's movement toward greater efficiency and sustainability through programmes like Green Wave. As more members of the worldwide port community launch similar initiatives, common systems of measurement and reward are vital to wide adoption and success."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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