Tuesday 4 February 2014

German chiller to help cut factory energy bills by €74k

German chiller to help cut factory energy bills by €74k

A German manufacturer is set to save €74,200 (£62k) a year on its energy bill with a new system which chills its machines using combined heat and power technology.

TRANSpofix designs and makes transport containers including trailers for moving horses. Chillers in the factory should use 36% less electricity than the old compression cooling system.

Made by InvenSor, the chillers produce cold water using heat instead of electricity to drive the system. They get this heat from the combined heat and power units.

The system saves from payment for putting electricity back into the grid, a refund of German energy taxes, spending less money on fuel by switching from oil to natural gasoline and a reduction in energy electricity use compared with the old compression chillers.

Andreas Stephan, the junior manager of Stephan Heizungsbau, which installed the CHP unit, calculated the firm’s energy saving.

He said: “Since we make full use of the waste heat from the CHPs, the entire system’s [payback] period was reduced by a significant amount. I am confident that we will be seeing much more of this kind of CCHP system in the injection molding industry in the future.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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