Wednesday 18 December 2013

DECC is first government department to get energy managing standard

DECC is first government department to get energy managing standard

The UK’s energy and climate change department (DECC) is the country's first government department to get an international energy management standard.

The catchily-titled ISO 50001 is similar to a driving test or an Ofsted inspection, a company has to show it hits a certain standard when managing energy.

DECC is one of only 44 organisations to be certified this way in the UK so far, for its grand buildings at 3 Whitehall Place and 55 Whitehall.

A DECC spokesperson said it was “fitting” they were the first to get the standard: “Having a good energy management system helps us to stay on top of our energy use and maintain the energy and carbon savings DECC has achieved since it was set up in 2008.”

A spokesperson for certification firm CICS told ELN: “We don’t give the certificate to just anyone. We have to have a proper workbook of evidence.”

Tim Watts, the firm's Operations Manager said: "We believe that DECC is the first government department in the UK, if not globally, to be certified to ISO 50001."

He added he hopes the news will prompt other organisations to do the same.

The ISO 50001 system is in the middle of a pilot run which - if successful - will get officially accredited by the body UKAS as meeting international standards. All certificates dished out under the pilot will be automatically updated.

At least two site visits and evidence must be submitted about energy management before approval. One check is whether a company has an energy baseline and whether it has set goals to reduce energy, including how this baseline was calculated.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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