Wednesday 11 December 2013

Guest Blog: Darren Robertson – For healthier energy prices, check Pulse

Guest Blog: Darren Robertson – For healthier energy prices, check Pulse

Every year businesses wait to begin their search for lower cost energy until their contract becomes due for renewal.

And every year the deal they get is never as good as the deal they want.

It’s like last-minute Christmas shopping, or going to the dentist with a tooth-ache – you have to ask, why wait until the last minute?

The wait is over

When timing drives your decision to buy, you’re never buying on your terms. But when you control the timing of your energy purchasing, then you can take advantage of lower energy costs.

Timing is key – which is why we’ve developed a specialist software to make timing energy buying easy.

With Pulse, the specialist software from Trident Utilities, we’ve been helping businesses lower their energy costs by bringing an end to the waiting game. Pulse constantly monitors energy markets, giving users the information they need to buy at the lowest possible price.

Don’t wait for your contract to expire

You may be tied in to your existing contract, but that doesn’t stop you monitoring prices and agreeing your next deal now. That’s how you ensure you buy at the best price.

Monitoring prices with Pulse means you’re in control of the price you pay for energy, you can protect your budgets from escalating energy prices and match long-term budget planning with long-term energy buying.

Pulse also projects the impact of every market change over three years, putting the information in context and making decisions easier.

So why get caught up in the Christmas rush when you could be buying your energy in the January sales?

Darren Robertson is Director of Energy Trading at Trident Utilities, an energy analyst and procurement specialist and Member of the Society of Technical Analysts.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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