Wednesday 11 December 2013

Energy bills for inefficient buildings ‘eight times higher’

Energy bills for inefficient buildings ‘eight times higher’

The least energy efficient buildings in the US use eight times more gas, five times more electricity and four times more oil than the most-efficient ones during the winter months, a new survey claims.

That means energy bills for inefficient buildings could cost up to eight times more, especially in January, suggests benchmarking firm WegoWise which drew the findings from its database of more than 17,000 buildings and 1.6 million utility bills.

Most-efficient and least-efficient buildings are defined as those that are in the top 10% and lowest 10% of efficiency in the study.

Barun Singh, Chief Technology Officer at WegoWise said: "Winter is coming and it makes a disproportionate impact on inefficient buildings. Owners or managers of inefficient buildings stand to save thousands per month on their winter utility bills simply by bringing their buildings up to average efficiency.”

The UK Government has also been encouraging householders and businesses to become more energy efficient in the wake of increasing gas and electricity prices.

Last week the Treasury announced £10m of funding to make car park lights energy efficient.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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