Friday 15 March 2013

Just 1800 homes assessed for Green Deal so far

Just 1800 homes assessed for Green Deal so far

Around 1800 homes have been assessed for the Government’s energy efficiency scheme the Green Deal so far according to new statistics released yesterday.

The scheme is meant to overhaul the UK’s inefficient housing stock. A month since the scheme officially launched on 28 January in England and Wales and 25 February in Scotland, the number could seem underwhelming for a scheme which is meant to revolutionise the whole country.

As the first Green Deal statistics were published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, ministers defended the scheme for its role in driving a “promising new market”.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey declared he is confident that consumer interest “will grow and grow”.

Mr Davey said: “The number of businesses getting on board is increasing daily – highlighting the growing confidence that the Green Deal offers fantastic new opportunities. Forty firms are already authorised as providers, with a further 629 registered to carry out installations and 619 individuals registered to offer assessments. This underlines that the Green Deal is very much up and running.”

Campaigners expressed fears for the future of the scheme given the UK’s rising fuel bills.

Friends of the Earth said in a statement: "The Green Deal is heading for trouble without lower interest rates, more money to tackle fuel poverty and tough regulations on landlords renting out dangerously cold homes. 1,803 homes have been assessed, not actually insulated - it's still early days, but the initial signs aren't good."

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Bruna Pinhoni

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