Saturday 12 May 2012

Keith Beattie Bio

Keith Beattie Bio

Keith Beattie

Energy & Environmental Sustainability Leader

Eli Lilly and Company Limited

Keith Beattie is a chartered manufacturing systems engineer and qualified European Energy Manager with experience in a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, plastics, electronics & aerospace, Keith has been leading efficiency improvements in energy, waste & water management for Eli Lilly & Company Limited since 2007.

The Erl Wood R&D campus has been pioneering the approach towards energy and resource management within Lilly and has been awarded several global awards for this work. Keith has put in place a strategy founded on the key elements of engaged people, efficient plant and robust processes.

This has delivered over £500,000 of cost savings, energy reduction of 8,500 MWh and resulted in Lilly being awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in 2009, the first major pharmaceutical company to achieve this standard. In 2011, Lilly certified all UK operations to the Carbon Trust Standard having achieved emission reductions of approximately 6,000 tonnes CO2e.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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