Friday 4 May 2012

Huhne warns of either/or green policies

Huhne warns of either/or green policies

Former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne says the Government’s growth policies must include the green agenda if it is to succeed. Investing in industries such as energy efficiency and renewables could help the UK climb out of recession, he added.

Speaking to the Guardian, Chris Huhne said: "Much of our economic debate implies we must choose between going green or going for growth. That view may be the opposite of the truth. There is now hard evidence that the real choice is between green growth or no growth at all."

Mr Huhne rebuffed Tory attitudes that green could be a barrier to growth: "Energy-saving is the win-win: it has the potential for job creation (for example in household improvements) and it supports growth by cutting bills and boosting spendable income."

The ex-Cabinet MP gave up his post as Energy Secretary in February to fight criminal charges for allegedly passing speeding points to his then wife Vicky Price.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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