Thursday 3 May 2012

Government gas strategy calls for evidence

Government gas strategy calls for evidence

Government is asking the energy sector to voice its opinions on the future of gas in the UK’s energy mix.

Announced back in March and confirmed in the Budget, the strategy aims to determine the role of gas in the electricity market. DECC will publish its strategy, produced with the Treasury, in the Autumn.

Gas already plays a major role in the energy mix- the UK currently uses more gas than any other primary fuel. It also provides a significant proportion of electricity generation, around 34% in 2011.

Gas generation has been favoured by the Government as plants are quick to build, have relatively low costs and are flexible. The Coalition also claim they can be better placed to respond to changes in electricity demand and therefore play a key role in keeping the power system balanced.

DECC want to hear about the main strengths and weaknesses of gas, the economics of investment and what barriers face the gas industry.

The call for evidence is open until the 28th June.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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