Wednesday 2 May 2012

Shops waste most energy when closed

Shops waste most energy when closed

Shops are wasting the most energy before customers have even entered the premises.

That’s according to a study which found retailers waste 40% of their total energy use by leaving on lights and unnecessary air-conditioning and heating… at 8am.

WEMSinternational, which conducted the research, said this means a typical retailer’s bill could spending around £4 million a year on excess energy just so they appear ‘open’ to the public.

Ivan McKeever, CEO at WEMSinternational said: "For retailers, the need to keep stores looking open at all times and extended trading hours continue to push up their energy use.”

Mr McKeever believes “simple changes” could help cut costs.

He said: "Retailers should consider introducing monitoring and managing methods, such as presence detection so that lighting is only on when the building’s in use. There are simple changes, such as shifting light levels according to use of space. An example is trading and stock rooms, which can have considerable effects on usage, but still be fit for purpose."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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